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Yard management system

Yard management system QTir allows you to efficiently manage the movement of vehicles in your area. You get an accurate and constantly updated overview of where and in what status each vehicle is. Quickly guiding trucks to the clearance position and simplifying communication with drivers will bring the expected time and cost savings immediately after the system is put into operation.


The first and one of the most important parts of any yard management system is the registration, which provides us exact information about the transport and also confirms that the transport has arrived at the premises and is ready for clearance (loading or unloading).

Registration usually collects basic information about the transport, such as the load, the vehicle and the driver. Typically, this includes information like the transport number (transport id, shipment number), the order number, the type of clearance loading/unloading, the registration number of the truck or semi-trailer and last but not least the name and telephone number of the driver or other optional information that is relevant to the type of transport.

Registration also usually includes introducing the driver to the premises and, if necessary, training the driver in terms of OHS and compliance with the rules inside the premises.

Additional functions of the registration can be for example scanning the documents, identifying the driver by an ID, printing of one-time entry cards…

The registration process can be done in the following ways.

Self-service kiosk: The highly intuitive interface with up to 16 languages provides drivers an easy and quick way to register in the system. This also reduces staff contact with the driver, saving time and staff costs.

Automatic based on license plate recognition: For selected types of transport and verified transporters, automatic registration can be performed on the basis of the exact reservation/booking of the transport only on the basis of vehicle licence plate recognition. All necessary data for registration is used from the time slot management. Due to the speed of such registration this type is particularly popular for material transports between sites or the system operator’s own vehicles.

Reception / gatehouse: If contact with the driver is necessary prior to registration, for example in cases of vehicle or driver controls or when entering secure areas, it is possible to make the registration by an operator on a PC or even on a tablet.

Mobile applications: Not least, there is also the option of a mobile app for drivers, where they are able to register without leaving the vehicle, this is particularly useful in cases of very frequent repeated visits to the premises by the same drivers.


As soon as a transport is registered, it immediately appears in the QTIR system in the clearance module, in the logistics module, on the overview screens and from then on its status is constantly updated online.

All staff, from logisticians to handlers, always have an up-to-date overview of all vehicles ready for clearance with all the necessary information.

The QTir system allows to call up transports for logistics from the dispatch center as well as for individual handlers at specific clearance points, ramps… It adapts to the exact requirements of a specific environment.

When the vehicle is called to the selected clearance point, this information and other instructions are sent to the driver via text message notification to the phone number entered during registration or to the driver’s mobile application. Furthermore, this information is displayed on the call-up and navigation large-area displays, located for example at the waiting car park or near the entrance to the premises… In addition to contacting the driver is also given permission to enter the premises and the possibility of further work with the transport as part of the actual clearance (loading/unloading).

During clearance, we monitor the exact start and end time of the handling, allow the handler to enter additional information on the transport, take photo documentation of the cargo and its securing…

Clearance is again enabled via various devices, from a regular work computer, to a touchscreen kiosk with the option to log in with an employee card, to the very popular mobile device in the form of a smartphone or tablet.

These mobile devices can also be integrated on forklift trucks, so the handler does all the work within the forklift truck and does not waste time moving around the hall to PCs and the like. The mobile devices also make it very easy to take photo documentation, or to fill in various checklists for inspections and so on.

Entry and exit from the premises and controls

From the point of view of the yard management system, it is of course also very important to deal with the entry and exit of the area. Entry and exit gates are integrated into the clearance process based on the specific layout of the site, for example, whether it has an outdoor parking lot and vehicles are only allowed into the site after being called for clearance, or whether, on the contrary, all vehicles need to be allowed into the site in the waiting parking lot as soon as possible after arrival to avoid blocking traffic on public roads, etc.

Depending on the requirements, gatehouses are equipped with various HW equipment, typical are of course barriers, semaphores, license plate recognition cameras, overview cameras, but they can also be RFID readers, QR / BAR code readers, navigation displays, scales…

Very often, we also deal with various security checklists at service gates, where the security guards control the driver and the vehicle according to individual checkpoints and record the process of the control in a mobile device.

Different entry and exit rules may be required for each type of transport. For example, material supplies may enter on an RFID card and will be weighed each time, while dispatch vehicles will only enter on a recognized license plate and will be given a security checklist.

In addition to the registered transports, the QTir system allows you to deal with other categories of vehicles, such as employee and officer cars, visitor or service vehicles. For each category, you can set rules for entry and exit, such as regular or random controls…

Monitoring, report

The yard management system provides an up-to-date overview of all shipments, their status, where they are, how long they have been in progress and a wealth of other important information that is essential for monitoring and managing loading and unloading operations. This information is available to all staff working with the system. In addition, so-called overview screens are also popular, for example in control centers, warehouses or directly in the offices of the handlers.
In order to analyze and optimize operations, it is essential to have access to accurate data from the past periods. This is provided by our reporting module, which quickly and clearly provides the most important data on the progress of the clearance process and also provides a trend for each value in comparison with the previous period. These reports are available to users directly in the QTir application, but it is also possible to set up regular email reports to be sent to, for example, managers who do not normally need to work with the system but need the data.


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