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Time slot management

Time slot management QTir allows you to efficiently plan loading and unloading at your site. You get a precise schedule of when each shipment should be handled, allowing you to spread the load over time and avoid unexpected arrivals and overloading. As a result, you can better optimize the resources needed for handling and also reduce the waiting time of individual vehicles for loading or unloading.

Booking portal for transporters

In terms of scheduling, the QTir application allows you to create so-called time windows, which you can then provide access to registered transporters via the booking portal. Shippers’ dispatchers then access this booking portal and book time windows for loading or unloading individual shipments.

The booking portal allows you to enter all the important information for the transport, such as the transport number, order number, vehicle registration number, driver’s contact… These data are then pre-filled to the driver during the registration, where they only need to check or modify them if necessary. It is also possible to enter various documents for the transport, for example CRM, waybills, weighing tickets…

Within this portal it is also possible for the dispatcher to monitor the status of the clearance of transport in your area, so he has up-to-date information whether the transport is still being cleared or is already completed and just as the carrier can provide you with some documents, you can also provide the carrier with access to CRM, waybills, weigh tickets, inspection reports…

Planning in QTIR

Specific transports can also be scheduled directly in the QTIR app by your dispatcher. In this case too, all relevant information such as transport number, order number, vehicle registration number, etc. is entered for the transports.

Transport planning is available in several levels of accuracy, the three most common are: Scheduling for a specific day with no time limit. Scheduling for a time window without selecting a clearance point. Scheduling for time window with selecting a clearance point.

In QTir, you can create a complete shipping plan for each day, based that you can further plan other logistics tasks such as goods preparation, etc.

Furthermore, you can also get an overview of the booked shipments from the booking portal for carriers and edit them if necessary.

Integration with 3rd party systems

Time slot management can also be integrated with 3rd party systems, this is usually done when shipping plans are created for example from orders directly in IS such as SAP, Abra, MS Dynamics. The data exchanges in such interfaces occur online, ensuring the presence of always up-to-date data in all systems.


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