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Check-in system for the logistics centre

In 2004, a new logistics centre was opened in Zdiby near Prague. It is the largest VF logistics centre for the EMEA region. Worldwide, VF is the leader in branded clothing, employs over 50,000 people and is available in more than 150 countries.


It saves not only time but also the environment

At the arrival at the area, drivers park in front of the ramps. Registration in the system takes place in the office of dispatchers. Here, the necessary documents are handed over and the dispatcher enters the necessary data into the check-in system. A ticket with a queue number and a bar code is printed from the system and handed over to the driver. Warehouseman has a touch PC available for every 4-5 ramps. They see individual clients on the PC and can callthem up to the chosen ramp. Navigation to the check-in point is solved by means of 4 outdoor large-format displays. Each ramp is also equipped with a display to show the queue number and occupancy. A flashing light placed on the inner side, which is switched on by an infrarred gate, signalizes that the truck has driven up to the ramp. The warehouseman then knows that the truck is already in place and can open the gate and start checking in. After check-in, the warehouseman releases the ramp in the application and the driver leaves. Driver will receive the necessary documents at the control room and by scanning the barcode from the ticket, the barrier will be opened and the truck can leave the area.
  • We manage seasonal workloads thanks to a system from Tetronik

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Outcome and Benefit

Peak season is no longer a problem

After the implementation of the solution, the navigation to the check-in point and the check-in itself accelerated. Even in seasonal peaks, there are no major delays and complications thanks to Truck Queue Management System. After successful testing of the system in a part of the logistics centre, it was extended to the entire area.


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