Logistics system

Vamar International logistics company was founded in 1992. Since then, the small company has become a large logistics company with a worldwide reach, providing complete logistics services.


Complete check-in information at one point

At the arrival at the area, drivers park in designated places and go to the building with the office. There is a registration kiosk. The drivers can choose one of six languages in the first step. On other screens, drivers enter additional information to speed up communication with the operator, such as a name, a telephone number, license plates and shipment numbers. The number is validated with the imported data and in case of incorrect entry, the driver is notified of this fact. Based on this number, the idata entered by the driver are matched with the complete check-in information. The operator thus has all the data together in one customized interface. From the interface it is then possible to print a form for the truck entry with all the necessary information, to call-up the driver to the selected ramp, to add information about the start and end of check-in, or information about the problem with check-in. The call-up is made by sending a text message (SMS) to the phone number used during registration.
  • A solution that made communication with drivers faster and more effective

    Vamar International s.r.o. – team of company employees

Outcome and Benefit

Complete informations and functions for check-in in one application

Thanks to registration at a self-service kiosk, the administrative burden on operator has been reduced. After entering the shipment number, all data about the shipment are matched and the individual steps and their times, such as registration, call-up, start and end of check-in are logged and used to solve any complaints and to generate statistics. Check-in is significantly faster thanks to the integration of all data and functions in one application.


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