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Mubea Stabilizer Bar Systems s.r.o


System for automation and smooth clearance

Mubea is a family-owned German company with more than a century of tradition and global reach. It develops and manufactures components for all major global car manufacturers


Turnkey Queue Management System

The drivers of the trucks arriving at the area first park in the parking lot, where they then register their transport at the self-service outdoor kiosk using a touch screen. The registration interface is available in several language versions and allows drivers to easily register a transport. The correct classification of the transport and subsequent navigation is already supported during registration by a combination of selecting and entering the correct transport data. After registration, shipments are entered into the system, from where they can already be called-up to a specific location (parking lot, warehouses, offices). The call-up is made using a large LED display located in the parking lot and an SMS message that is sent to the truck driver’s mobile phone. After calling-up the truck to the premises (for customs clearance, loading, etc.), the driver will receive an SMS message instructing him to move to a specific position. Upon arrival at the gate, the vehicle is identified using a camera with recording and reading the liicence plates and is automatically admitted to the premises. All vehicles arriving at the premises are identified, while the passage through the gate is automated and is allowed only to vehicles with permitted entry. Admission of other vehicles is solved individually. Loading, unloading and customs clearance Unloading, loading and unloading is done in the application for warehouse workers. The office module allows to call-up the driver to pick up customs documents with a single button, it is followed by an instruction to leave the premises using another button. The instructions are again passed to the drivers via SMS, thus preventing unwanted personal contact with the drivers. The departure of vehicles from the premises is again controlled by cameras with recording and reading license plates, thus automated processes eliminate the possible departure of vehicles before performing all the necessary check-in operations. All check-in steps are constantly recorded and detailed records are available to managers if required.
  • Thanks to turnkey-made development, the delivered solution precisely covered our needs.

    Jiří Kubala – Leiter Logistik / Logistics Manager

Outcome and Benefit

Automation that speeds up the check-in process

After the implementation of the system in practice, unwanted communication of drivers with the staff was minimized. Drivers always have precise instructions and know what to do at each check-in step. The result is speeding up and streamlining the entire check-in process in all its steps.


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