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KLAUS Timber a.s.


Comfortable check-in, precise orientation, saving resources and time

KLAUS Timber a.s. operates in the market for wooden packaging. They use their own trucks to transport all products, and equally trucks of customers and suppliers enter the area. The QTIR Queue Management System was designed and adapted to demanding requirements and has become an indispensable part of the logistics processes in the newly built complex.


All check-in steps under control

The QTIR Queue Management System continuously obtains information about notified shipments from the customer’s internal system. At the entrance to the Dvorec area, the License plates of all arriving trucks are readed using a camera. The trucks are admitted to the premises on the basis of vehicle identification according to the License plate and verification of the authorization to entry. Verification data is obtained from the QTIR system. Truck drivers from external hauliers register their transport at the outdoor self-service kiosk with a touch screen. Warehouse workers immediately obtain information about registered transports and, using a tablet with the QTIR application, call up individual transports for check-in at specific ramps. The call-up is done via an SMS message, which is sent to the truck driver’s mobile phone. The entry through the main gate is automated. An intercom is installed for any further communication between the driver and the control room. Warehouse workers can transports register also. During check-in, photos from the loading process are taken by the tablet, which are stored in the QTIR system at the given transport for further processing and for possible later inspection. Using tablets with QTIR, handlers also have access to current transport documents directly on forklifts, especially the loading list according to which they will load. The departure of vehicles from the area is again automated, the barrier is opened on the basis of reading the License plates.
  • An efficient and intelligent check-in system with an individual solution.

    Miroslav Šulc – Technical Director

Outcome and Benefit

Check-in automation increases the comfort of all involved

The Queue Management System QTIR saved resources and time, automated and streamlined check-in steps, and minimized unnecessary interaction between truck drivers and logistics workers. The QTIR system very quickly became an integral part of automated logistics management.


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