Kiswire Cord Czech s.r.o.


System for more effective communication and check-in

Kiswire company is a global producer of steel wires and ropes located in the Triangle industrial zone near Žatec. In October 2019, Truck Queue Management system was implemented.


A simple, but effective solution

At the arrival at the parking lot, drivers stop opposite the hall, where the LED display is located. Registration takes place at a self-service kiosk located in the gatehouse. The registration user interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible and is available in several language versions. Drivers can thus quickly orient and register even without previous experience. An user interface was created for the operator to call-up and navigate the driver to the place of check-in according to the completed analysis. With one click, the operator can call-up next driver who is waiting in the queue. There is almost no additional burden on the operator and he can devote his time fully to the check-in. When the driver is called, the display shows the queue number assigned during registration. The driver also gets a localized text message (SMS), which contains further details for check-in. Of course, there are statistical data about the number of checked vehicles, waiting times, length of check-in and other monitored parameters.
  • The delivered solution of the Qtir Truck Queue Management System speeded up and simplified our process of truck check-in.

    Josef Pöschl – Bead Wire Logistics specialist

Outcome and Benefit

Fluency and overview in the check-in process

After the implementation of the system, unneeded communication of drivers with the operators was minimized. The operator also has a constant overview of registered vehicles and the state in which they are. The whole process of check-in has thus become clearer and is continual. System implemenation was was supported by an analysis, that helped the installation and implementation of the system in practice to be quicker and without any complications.


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