HOPI s.r.o. (DC Prostějov)


An indispensable part of a modern logistics complex

HOPI operates in the field of warehousing services. The volume of the daily shipment is on average 15,000 pallets. The QTIR Queue Management System has become an integral part of automated processes, which are crucial for check-in such a large volume of shipments.


Check-in system adapted to the needs of the logistics complex

The Queue Management System continuously obtains information about notified shipments from the customer’s internal system. At the entrance to the external parking lot, the license plates of all incoming vehicles are continuously scanned and there is an exact identification based on a comparison with the records in the database. Drivers of trucks arriving at the area register their transport at the self-service outdoor kiosk using a touch screen. All stations (gatehouse, car park administration, warehouses, control room) immediately obtain information about registered transports. Transports can be called-up to specific stands. The call-up is done via an SMS message, which is sent to the truck driver’s mobile phone. All vehicles passing through the gatehouse to the area are identified by cameras with license plate recording and reading. The gateway is controlled by gate-keeper who work with a tablet with the QTIR application. Using a tablet, they obtain information about the authorization to enter, record transport data and take photos (photos are sent online to the customer’s internal system). The departure of vehicles from the premises is again controlled by the gate-keeper, via tablet with the QTIR application, which obtains information about the authorization to leave based on the LP camera and informs the gate-keeper whether all check-in operations are completed.

  • Thanks to the QTIR system, check-in has been speeded up and communication with drivers has been simplified.

    Pavel Jedlička – CDC warehouse manager

Outcome and Benefit

The check-in speed depends on each step

If we want to speed up check-in, we must automate all steps, from arrival at the parking lot to the departure of the truck from the area. QTIR makes it possible to lead the transport thru the entire process unmistakably. Everyone, including drivers, knows exactly what to do at every step.


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